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Our Process: Observation, Cause, Implication, Solution (OCIS)

Pignotti Property Inspections begins the inspection process by gaining a general understanding of the property. This is usually accomplished during the initial telephone call. Appointments are made as soon as the following day and most are scheduled within five business days. The actual inspection is completed in approximately three hours, and PPI utilizes an inspection technique referred to as OCIS. Clients are strongly urged to participate during the inspection because PPI provides an onsite review as well as education for maintenance of systems and components. Reports are completed and made available through this web site, e-mail or through regular mail within 24 hours.

The methodology PPI uses while inspecting is referred to OCIS. This is an acronym for Observation, Cause, Implication and Solution. This ideology is used as a very effective guide to provide clients with a comprehensive report.

  • Observation: The first step in the process is to examine all the systems and components and how they function individually as well as together. This is where defects are typically identified.
  • Cause: The next step is to figure out the why that is causing the deficiency. This is critical because knowing the cause identifies the source and is the basis in determining the implications and solutions.
  • Implication: This step identifies what will occur to the item, component or system if the cause is not modified or changed.
  • Solution: Finally, suggestions are offered to improve or remedy these conditions. How well the property operates is maximized if the deficiencies are minimized.

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