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What is Thermography?

Thermography is the use of specialized infrared cameras to see differences in temperature. Because infrared radiation increases with temperature, the cameras are able to produce a thermogram (a heat signature-based image) showing relative areas of coolness and warmth in a room, on an object or even inside the walls of a building. Thus, the colors in a thermogram, from black for cold to white for hot, provide a clear image of heat distribution and dispersal.

Thermography as part of a Home Inspection

A complete thermographic evaluation conducted at the time of a home inspection will reveal areas of concern that a conventional inspection simply cannot evaluate. These include:

  • Moisture inside walls and in ceilings
  • Missing or inadequate insulation
  • Short circuits, bad wiring and other areas of high electrical resistance
  • Areas of substantial heat loss such as old or improperly installed windows and door seals
  • Leaks in pipes and A/C ductwork
  • Moisture behind EIFS synthetic stucco or vinyl siding
  • Detect nests of pests such as mice and termites

Correctives may include additional thermostats, heating vents, humidifiers in key areas, new windows or moisture correction. Regardless, it's best to know about problems before you try to buy or sell a property. For this reason, many home buyers now insist upon a clause requiring a thermographic scan as part of their home inspection.